• Once the Yin meets the Yang, you need to wait for the picture to snap as shown in this video.

  • It is a one-time unlimited fee. You can use it for all your panoramas and all your devices for the same store ID.

  • auto: each picture has a different exposure value,
    locked: when you select this option (before starting to shoot), the exposure is locked at this moment and for all the images of the panorama being shot,
    based on the light available when you locked the exposure,
    locked on start: the exposure is locked like the previous option, but at first shot.

  • As much as you want. You can take two pictures only, or make a full 360 degree panorama. You can stop by tapping the "stop" icon, tilting the device into landscape mode or by making a full 360 degree turn. The blue indicator inside the Yin-yang symbols shows how wide your panorama will be.

  • You should turn around the device, and not let the device turn around you. This is very important. You have to imagine that the device is fixed on a tripod! Avoid tilting the device, the Yin and Yang should be facing each other, with the same size. Keep practicing, start with shiny outdoors, they are the easiest and best panoramas to capture.

  • Try rotating in the opposite direction. If it solves the problem then it is due to a miscalibration of your gyro sensor. Please open the app settings, tap on "Sensors Calibration" and follow the instructions.

  • Please check the following link that explains how to optimally calibrate your compass. Also, make sure there is no magnet attached to your cover.

  • Portrait mode gives a wider vertical field of view.

  • Just use the embed codes available inside the mobile app or through this tool. It is worth mentioning that Wordpress free accounts are restrictive, so embedding won't work there.

  • You can do it from the mobile app or the web interface.

  • You can do this from the mobile app or the desktop viewer (right-click). Please read our Terms of Service.

  • Flag the panorama for Copyright Infringement and explain why you would like to delete it. We will process your request within two working days.

  • You may rate our app or contact us. We love what we do and value any feedback. We also try to answer very fast, but we sometimes sleep too;)

  • It means "all around" in Lebanese slang.

  • Our app is not available in all countries.