Frequently Asked Questions

On iOS, the message "hold your device vertically" is always showing.

We noticed that - in rare situations - the sensors may be stuck. We are trying to catch this error, in order to solve it. In the meantime, tapping on "create" another time should release them.

I cannot copy my panoramas to the camera roll.

iOS6 asks now for your authorization to let any app access the camera roll. If you said no, you may revert your choice: get out of the app and open the Device Settings, privacy, photos.

I cannot tap the "start" button, it is grayed.

You need to hold the device vertical. Yes, *straight* vertical. Press the "i" icon for more information.

I tap the "start" button and nothing happens (or I get a question mark).

After you tap on "start", you need to start rotating your device.

What is Galileo mode in the app settings?

It is a motorized head from Motrr.

There is no "finish" button.

It will appear after the second picture is taken.

I tap the "start" button, start rotating, but the other pictures are not taken.

Once the Yin meets the Yang, you need to wait for the picture to snap as shown in this video.

You are greedy because the HD option is expensive (1.99$ per panorama)!

It is a one-time unlimited fee. You can use it for all your panoramas.

I paid for the HD option and now I have to repay to install it on my other device!

In the app settings you can restore in-app purchases. If it does not work, complete the payment process. After you enter your AppleId, the system will recognize your previous purchase and won't charge you again.

Can you explain what the exposure settings mean?

auto: each picture has a different exposure value,
locked: when you select this option (before starting to shoot), the exposure is locked at this moment and for all the images of the panorama being shot, based on the light available when you locked the exposure,
locked on start: the exposure is locked like the previous option, but at first shot.

Your app keeps crashing.

When this phenomenon happens, *all* applications that take multiple pictures - not the ones that grab frames from a video stream - will close after a few shots. The only way we found to correct the issue is to restart - reboot - the device.

How much should I turn?

As much as you want. You can take two pictures only, or make a full 360 degree panorama. You can stop by tapping the "stop" icon, tilting the device into landscape mode or by making a full 360 degree turn. The blue indicator inside the Yin-yang symbols shows how wide your panorama will be.

There are errors in the result.

You should turn around the device, and not let the device turn around you. This is very important. You have to imagine that the device is fixed on a tripod! Avoid tilting the device, the Yin and Yang should be facing each others, with the same size. Keep practicing, start with shiny outdoors, they are the easiest and best panoramas to capture.

The panorama is not closed correctly at 360 degrees.

Try rotating in the opposite direction. If it solves the problem then it is due to a miscalibration of your gyro sensor.

I have a message about "magnetic interferences".

Please check the following link that explains how to optimally calibrate your compass.

I have an old version of your app, but there is no update available on the App Store.

You may force the update by going to "Purchased Apps" section in the App Store.

Why can't I shoot in landscape mode?

Portrait mode gives a wider vertical field of view.

I would like to capture a building, or a tree. Why do you force me to rotate horizontally?
Why can't I shoot in all directions (up-down and left-right) to make a spherical panorama?

This is the limitation of the current version. We are planning to release versions with more options.

I would like to embed my panorama to a blog.

You can do it through the embed codes available on the website. If you would like to have both Flash and HTML5 viewers, use the Javascript embed code. A lot of bloggers are already embedding their DerManDar panoramas. It is worth mentioning that Wordpress free accounts are restrictive, so embedding won't work there.

I would like to delete my online panoramas and/or change their privacy settings.

Log in to your account through the web interface at You will have full control over your data.

I would like to add to my online gallery an already built panorama made by another software.

You can do it through our web interface. The image size should not exceed 8191 pixels in each dimension.

I don't have a device compatible with your app, but I would like to try your product.

You can take pictures with any camera, and stitch them with the free online tool available on the website. You only need to have the latest Flash player version.

I would like to report a panorama for abusive content or copyright infringement.

You can do this through the web interface. Please read our Terms of Service.

I love/hate your app!

You may rate our app on the App Store.

My rating was bad because...

We cannot answer the reviews, so if you would like to know why the app didn't work the way it is advertised, feel free to contact us, we will be more than pleased to answer you.

Who are you?

We are a Lebanese corporation: Dermandar Offshore SAL.

Your name is weird.

It means "All around" in Lebanese slang.

I cannot find your app on the App Store.

Our app is not available in all countries.

You people are cool. We would like to invest/collaborate/have a beer.

You are mostly welcome. Just send us a message and we will contact you.